The play «Portrait Of Fear»

The play «Portrait Of Fear»

The Crescent TV film crew arrives at the historic castle Renfield House, the family home of the Camberstones, in order to document the presence in the abandoned tower hall of the ancient building of a chilling ghost, to take down the stunning show and beat all television ratings, but it turns out that the group leader has And other insidious plans: he needs to get rid of the beautiful wife and put the blame on the owner of the castle, heir to the eminent family. And his plan would be a success, if ... .. if it were not for the ghost.

Mysticism and humor, fear and love. Atmospheric, bright, rich performance, impregnated with the cold aroma of violets, piercing the soul with music, an intriguing plot and of course a living ghost! Fascinating, dynamic and intriguing, so rarely played on the stage of the stage, but leaving no one indifferent.

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Dmitry Panteleev
Cast: Igor Zhizhikin, Pavel Delong, Anna Gorshkova, Evgenia Solyanikh, Konstantin Shelyagin
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes. With one intermission

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