Porn Movies

Porn Movies

October 8 in the Petersburg club COSMONAUT will present a new album of the group "Porn FILMS" - a young, but no longer in need of representation of the collective on the domestic punk scene. Starting his way from the Moscow region garage, in just a few years the "Porn Fils" confidently stepped onto the big stage, assembling thousands of rooms today. That's what the musicians themselves say about their new album, the release of which is scheduled for late September 2017:

"In new songs, we again tried to reflect the spirit of the times. Vague - for some, light - for others. Someone is desperate, someone does not lose hope. In the black or white era, people paint. Therefore, our new album will be, first of all, about people. The life of any common man, inevitably taking place in the range between despair and hope. That's exactly what we called our new album - "In the range between desperation and hope." We do not record new records simply for a tick in the discography - always for something more. Our songs help people to live. We learned about this from your many letters. In them - the history of real people. These stories really inspire. Hence, everything that we did these was already in vain! "

We will be very happy to meet with you on October 8 at the COSMONAUV club to play our new album for you, and also once again to remember together with you our best songs! This will be the most ambitious, bright and loud punk rock festival that we have ever created! A holiday that never repeats!

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