The play «BAJKI. Fairy Tales for Adults»

The play «BAJKI. Fairy Tales for Adults»

«BAJKI. Fairy tales for adults "- a theater project in the new copyright genre folk-cabaret. The starting point for the creation of the play became subjects of European ballads, songs, legends - their interlocking forms a mystical space of fascinating tales, dark, but indescribably charming.

Inspired not only traditional culture but also literary works of Nikolai Gogol, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Schwartz creators write a new myth - with its unique aesthetics and imagery.

Today, many believe, as if the only thing that can be done with a fairy tale - it is to leave her childhood. However, the main purpose of a fairy tale - remind us of the mythological consciousness of our ancestors, that once the world was talking to a man in the same language.

Director: I. Arkhipov, B. Menger-Molodovskaya
Premiere: October 7, 2016
Running time: 120 minutes with one intermission

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