The play «Show for Real Ladies!»

The play «Show for Real Ladies!»

Show only for these girls!
At the beginning of the 20th century in one of the editions of "New York Times" published an interesting article, which refers to the two young actors, disguised as women in order to assist in the campaign B. Braun. After the scandal, Brown was forced to withdraw his own candidacy and eventually became president Franklin Roosevelt, who was able to withdraw the United States from the global economic crisis.

It is based on the story were filmed two films with the same name of "Fanfare of Love," and wrote a novel, and in 1969, the year in rolling out the world renowned film masterpiece of Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot" with stunning Marilyn Monroe in the lead role.

Variety Theatre named after Raikin invites the viewer to his interpretation of the historical events closest to the printed article, which spawned a string of interesting and funny situations in the play. The young team led by Yuri Galtseva invites you to go on an exciting musical production, which, incidentally, has already gained thousands of hearts of the audience.

Genre: Musical comedy
Director: V.Glazkov
Starring: A.Yanko, I.Arhipov, A.Kastritsa, A.Kipina, A.Kuhotkina, A.Lazo, M.Nasyrova, O.Pavlyukova, A.Savastova, Tkachenko, A.Chusova, K.Galstyan, D.Enin, Mkrtchyan, K.Petrov, K.Sheynin, A.Shilnikov, A.Shpungin
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes


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