Harry Axe and Tony Routh

Harry Axe and Tony Routh

"A man in an iron grip" goes to two capitals!

Winter promises to be hot: a hot premiere from Harry Topor - the album "The Man in the Hog Gloves" - on the scenes of the two capitals. The new work will not leave anyone indifferent - an explosive mixture of the old, beloved Ax and a completely different vision of his own creativity.

Who is this man in the gloves of a knife, you ask? In a way, it's all of us. In a world that was invented to make money on outdoor advertising, where money is valued much more than human lives, and Big Brother follows us and it's supposedly a plus - each of us is fighting with our windmills. Is it possible to win in this obviously unequal struggle and find your place in a hostile world? "All small people without weapons - targets" - V. Vysotsky. Our weapons are creativity.

The hip-hop duo from the outskirts of the northern capital - Harry Ax and Tony Raut - invite everyone to break away with them. Wild energy, a powerful pitch, favorite and new - this is not all that awaits you this evening.

You are ready? It will be very loud!

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