The play «Woman's Part»

The play «Woman's Part»

The play is set in the city N backstage provincial theater in which almost all of the company - the fair sex, ready for starring on everything. The director has long languish without new productions, it falls into the hands of a letter that they will visit the town of some foreign political delegation, which is sure to visit his theater.

According to agents' data becomes aware that the head of the delegation - the President of any developing country - is not indifferent to the weaker sex. In connection with this news director has been frantically looking for a new project, which will be occupied by all peregryzshiesya each other actress. They are trying to remake Gogol's "Marriage" on women's fashion, to put in the Indian style of Pushkin's "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai", with all the inherent absurdity to play the opera "Aida".

The play is full of humor, undercover games and real theatrical intrigue. Lightweight, non-intrusive setting of the love of the theater and the creative frenzy of people to choose a such a complex and intricate profession.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Natalia Indeikin
Starring: A.Urgant, NA Russia T.Kravchenko, O.Zheleznyak, N.Dobrynin, S.Muzhikyan, z.a.Rossii Z.Buryak, Yu.Rudina, T.Kolganova, M.Aleshina, M.Mescheryakova , A.Pryanichnikova, V.Ladygina
The premiere: October 28, 2015.
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

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