Theatre of cats of Yury Kuklacheva «Cats and Sailors»

Theatre of cats of Yury Kuklacheva «Cats and Sailors»

Performance "CATS-SEASONS" of the Cat Theater Y. Kuklachev.

During the autumn holidays on October 28, 2017. In St. Petersburg on the stage of the Palace of Culture. Lensoveta performance "CATS-SEASONS"! We invite you to a sea voyage with the Sea-Kittens on a magnificent ship! Dangerous and exciting adventures await you! Each child, upon presentation of a ticket, a disc with a video from Y.Kuklachev as a gift! For the first time the show is broadcast on large screens!

Actors: н.а. Of Russia Yu. Kuklachev
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes with intermission

Children up to 3 years old admission free

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