The play «Otello»

The play «Otello»

The basic idea embodied in the play, is a well-known phrase from Shakespeare's "I love you, and if you fall out of love - comes chaos" ...

Retell the content does not make sense. Everyone knows: Othello loves Desdemona, in a fit of jealousy comes destructive isolation ... C on the one hand, the performance retains much of the classical understanding of the play, on the other - the creative team brings a lot of new and modern in it.

Text sacramental works, translated especially for this daring project Sergey Volynets, one of the best interpreters from English, clear, simple, clear and settled so as to expose the entire tragifarsovuyu nature of the work. The modern interpretation of "Othello" is made in the spirit of the time, built the power thriller. This new interpretation of the classics - a special, beautiful and fascinating spectacle, an unforgettable thriller about unpredictable facets of love.

Genre: Drama
Directed by: James Lomkin
Stage adaptation and translation of Shakespeare: Sergey Volynets
Cast: Maxim Averin, Dmitri Zhoydik, Ivan Ivanovich, Dmitry Mukhamadeyev, Roman Polanski, Igor Hood
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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