The play «Paper Marriage»

The play «Paper Marriage»

An American of Russian origin Steven lives in a luxury villa near Moscow and is being treated for some unknown disease. Or it is not treated, but simply pretends that a little to justify his abominable character. With him in the house live nurse and doctor. Steven unbearable, capricious, and nurse each day is going to escape from this vantage, but the unbearable work.

The doctor is more tolerant, he would soon leave for the United States to become an American doctor, and there quickly forget about his latest work at home. Gradually we realize that all three are not wanted in this world, and only in this house, as the sinking "Titanic", they are still some time to support each other.

It is almost impossible to accurately determine the genre of the play - a bitter comedy or drama funny? Maybe we should not rigidly divide the play into genres, like life itself does not fit into any framework, where tears, and smile, and hope, and despair are so intertwined.

Genre: Comedy
Director: A. Ogarev
Author: Hanna Slutsky, S. Bodrov
Duration: 2 hours with one intermission
Starring: People's Artist of Russia S. Makovetskii, People's Artist of Russia E. Yakovlev, Vladimir Pankov


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