The philosophy of Innocence is the awakening of the new in man, the return to the roots and the "best" self.

One of the main trends of modern electronic music is the growing interest in techno music. In place of "commercial" DJs are representatives of the underground, and electronic events are returned to the plants and to unusual locations inherent in the ravines of the late 90's. Despite successful imports of individual artists, there is no Festival in Russia that would unite world-famous techno-names at one event.

Innocence is not only music, but also new forms of visual art with a major focus on video-mapping, which will be created by talented Russian and foreign artists.

Street Art Museum - a unique project for St. Petersburg. It is located on the territory of the plant of laminated plastics, and its premises are former workshops and boiler rooms. Most of them were abandoned in the 1990s and got a new life in 2014, when the first exhibition opened here. In the developed, but not lost authenticity of industrial spaces with a total area of ​​200 thousand square meters, new works of street artists from Russia, Europe and America appear.

Space 1. The Face.
The dominant feature of "Face" space will be the huge face of a sleeping child, gradually awakening under the influence of masters of video art. This image echoes the philosophy of the event itself - the awakening of the new in man, and the purification from the monotony of being. Hundreds of dynamic instruments and dozens of projectors will work both outside and inside the layout of the head.

Space 2. Samsara.
Samsara - this name will receive the second space of the festival. In translation from Sanskrit it means "the cycle of birth." This is one of the basic concepts in Indian philosophy: the soul, drowning in the "ocean of samsara," seeks liberation and escape from the shadow of the past. The eastern visual concept of the dance floor will be supported by a melodic sound in the style of the dao-techno.

Space 3 will be occupied by the world famous musical techno-brand. While this is all you need to know.

Media art.
On the territory of the Museum of Street Art, the most interesting and unexpected, in our opinion, works of media artists, both domestic and foreign, will be presented. Until 00.00 the Museum will work in the exhibition mode, and at midnight it will turn into a huge music festival with an emphasis on video art.

The composition of the participants will appear as the festival approaches. The organizer of the Festival is Record Event.

Ticket Categories:
• Dancefloor - access to all stages of the festival.
• Deluxe - a comfortable tribune in front of the main outdoor scene; the tribune opposite the main indoor scene; welcome drinks & snacks; access to all stages of the festival; separate entrance.
• Lodges (for 4 and 6 persons) - personal entrance and accompaniment of hostesses, panoramic view from the lodges to the main outdoor scene, personal service by the waiters, table setting with drinks and fruits.


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