The play «Little Mook»

The play «Little Mook»

The fairy tale of Wilhelm Gauf is familiar to everyone from childhood: Little Muk, who has had so many adventures, the mysterious Ahavzi, her favorites are cats, the insidious Sultan, the envious and vile Vizier and Skorokhod, who ended up with a nose, horns and donkey ears.

In our play, the old woman Ahavzi turns into a powerful sorceress and an artist in whose workshop the action takes place, cats into her assistants who play the tale of Little Muka; there is also a love story (and where without love!): Little Muk is in love with the daughter of Sultan, the beautiful princess Zuleila, but does not even hope for her attention because of her small height, she is a very tall and beautiful girl! .. On the very In fact, Princess Zulele very much likes Little Muck, but she is embarrassed by her enormous growth ...

In the play, of course, there will be those same magic shoes, wearing which you soar into the skies and fly faster than the wind, a cane that finds buried treasures, fruits from a silver and golden tree, allowing Muku to punish the greedy Sultan, Vizier and Skorokhod.


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