Rock musical «Jason and Medea»

Rock musical «Jason and Medea»

"Jason and Medea" is a touching, bitter, sometimes funny, sometimes truly tragic story, based on the Myth of the Argonauts, as well as the plays of Evrepid and Seneca - about the love of the beautiful Colchis princess and the ancient Greek hero. The story of a man and a woman, about marriage, about honor, about power, treachery and betrayal.

Ancient story, not lost its relevance, is represented by the St. Petersburg Theater "Rock Opera" in a new way, in the genre of the musical. This "terrible tragedy" is re-interpreted and retold by composer Sergei Kolmanovsky and the author of poetry and director Boris Birman. The performance is filled with bright acting works, beautiful music, plastic sketches, brilliant vocals. This is an unexpectedly full irony and dramatic view of the well-known tragedy plot.


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