The play «Tales of Old Arbat»

The play «Tales of Old Arbat»

In one of the quiet cozy alleys of the old Moscow lives a talented puppet master Fedor Kuzmich Balyasnikov. He has a faithful friend Christopher, son of Kuzya and many dolls. Suddenly, a sweet and tender girl, Victor, appears in the house, which was instantly loved by her father, son, and even dolls.

The history of this romantic love, the vicissitudes of male and professional rivalry, in which categories of honor and decency still exist, is perceived in our cruel and pragmatic times as a kind of textbook of true feelings. In the elegant and witty "Tales of the Old Arbat" there is no banal moralizing and obsessive didacticism, but, like in every fairy tale, there is a clearly formulated morality: the main thing in life is love.


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