Sergei Trofimov

Sergei Trofimov

The festive meeting of Sergei Trofimov with his listeners will take place on February 22 in the St. Petersburg club Cosmonaut. The artist's scale is measured by the number of his admirers. Sergei Trofimov is an artist who everyone knows, and there is hardly anyone who has never sung along with him about "the city of Sochi" and "crazy embrace", "Moscow song" and "how the spring will come to the cold world", about "Wind in head "and" songs to the guitar until the morning ", and, of course, about the" severe male craft - Aty-bata "!

What is the secret? The unique author's style of Sergei Trofimov is recognized from the first notes, and the connection appears instantly, as if a close friend is in front of you and there are no obstacles to the spiritual conversation of old acquaintances. Such an effect always arises on a live performance of the artist. It is especially pleasant when artists of this scale get closer to their listeners. After all, on the "Cosmonaut" site you can not only listen, but also dance to familiar compositions and ... men's drinks. The work of Sergei Trofimov is really multifaceted! This is rock'n'roll, and romantic ballads about the main thing, and the musical vicissitudes of fate, and romances of our time.

All this genre variety plus the personal charm of the artist will make you feel the holiday, because all his songs are close to everyone. "Between the" bright future "and the" bright past ", between East and West, between Europe and Asia, there lives a simple Russian person about whom this album is", - the artist described his recent release "In the middle". This and all of its popular hits, which will sound necessarily sounded at the festive concert on February 22. He is a laureate of many musical and literary prizes, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, he also has several medals, including "For Courage", "For Service to the Fatherland", "Serving the Arts", Sergei Trofimov stands guard over the Fatherland, and is ready to share his experience and thoughts , dressed in rhyme and melody with their listeners very soon - under the curtain of winter, in the club "Cosmonaut". We advise you to think about tickets in advance!


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