The opera «Queen of Spades»

The opera «Queen of Spades»

The well-known story of the lady interested in the peak of the composer Tchaikovsky immediately, although he repeatedly offered to pay attention to the mystic story told by the genius of Pushkin. It was only when his story fascinated, work started enthusiastically, so that in 1889, the opera was created in only 44 days and became one of his best creations.

The heiress state Countess Lisa falls for a poor German officer. His poverty becomes an insurmountable obstacle to his feelings - hopes for reciprocity does not and can not. The only chance for him - be a match for his beloved, that get rich. Overhearing that the countess knows a winning combination of cards, Herman sees this as his salvation. Wanting to get the secret at any cost, he enters the room of the Countess, but a frightened old woman dies, so nothing to say. Seeing that his dream was destroyed, Herman is in despair.

At this point, it is the ghost of a dead decanters, which is mercy, called a secret - three, seven, ace. Having decided that this is his last chance, Herman runs in the gambling house, fiercely rushing to the card by comparing the very life of the game. But in the most crucial moment, instead of the claimed aces on his hands is the queen of spades ...

The opera, set the Mikhailovsky Theatre - one of the best experiences in the theater life of St. Petersburg.

Libretto: Modest Tchaikovsky on the novel by Alexander Pushkin
Directed by: Stanislav Gaudasinskaya
Premiere: May 23, 1982
The duration of the opera: 3 hours 30 minutes with two intermissions


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