Gaetano Triggiano. Show «Illusion of Deception»

Gaetano Triggiano. Show «Illusion of Deception»

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Maestro of magic and magic Gaetano TRIJIANO will first perform in St. Petersburg with a new and incomparable show "Illusion of Deception"!

With the Italian magician, many Russian spectators met at the end of 2013, when TRIDJIANO became the main hero of the New Year's performance "The Wizard of OZ" in Moscow. Then he revealed the real essence of magic, reviving with his illusions a fairy-tale country. Gaetano evoked delight in both young and adult guests. And finally the Maestro will visit the Northern Capital!

Gaetano TRIJIANO - Illusionist with a capital letter. It was his film studio Universal Pictures that attracted to the work with the acclaimed film "Illusion of Deception" with Woody HARRELSON and Morgan FRIMEN. In addition, the maestro received many awards, including one of the most prestigious awards of Mandrake d'Or in the nomination "The Best Magic Artist of the Year". Since 2000, he has been a frequent guest on television shows, conferences and theater halls. His performances were remembered by residents of more than twenty countries! Gaetano gladly accept in Europe and Asia, America and, of course, in Russia.

"Illusion of Deception" is a performance with a fascinating plot. Each moment of the performance is a manifestation of high-quality skill. According to Gaetano: "Magic is not in the hands of a magician, she is in the eyes of the viewer." Therefore, every year, the maestro tries to surprise his audience - he comes up with unique tricks, which are simply breathtaking!

And this time Gaetano TRIDJIANO, who has made love to the Russian public, is preparing many amazing and colorful numbers for his new show. Do not miss the opportunity to penetrate the veil of the mysterious world of "Illusion of Deception", where the line between dexterity and magic is blurred! We are waiting for you on March 3 in the Palace of Culture. The Leningrad City Council.


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