The play «Lerka»

The play «Lerka»

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Laureate of the highest theater prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Sofit"

The 90's are the time that has become history. It was unusual and interesting, unstable and revealing endless possibilities and just a time of someone's youth. As in all times, people lived then who wanted to love and be loved. In search of love and the main character of the play. The action begins in 1991 and ends on New Year's night 1999. Ten years in the life of Russia. Ten years in the life of heroes. What happened to each of them, how time changed their destiny, how they managed to save themselves despite everything.

Genre: Drama
Author: based on plays by Vasily Sigarev
Stage composition and staging: Andrey Prikotenko
Scenic space: Oleg Golovko, Gleb Filshtinsky
Premiere: January 24, 2009
Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes with intermission


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