New year's Strauss gala in the Palace

New year's Strauss gala in the Palace

On December 15, we invite you, in the atmosphere of the Viennese Ball, to solemnly bid farewell to the outgoing year and tune in to the positive start of the new year. Following the tradition of the Viennese ball, melodic waltzes, playful poles and solemn marches of the Strauss family and not only will sound in the concert ... The concert will present to the audience an incredible range of emotions and the atmosphere of the New Year's celebration inherent in the Viennese New Year gala concert. The audience will enjoy the most popular classical works, such as the magic waltz "On the beautiful blue Danube" and the culmination march of Radetsky, which the audience always looks forward to.

Of particular importance is the venue of the concert. The Architect's house is located in one of the most beautiful houses of our city near the St. Isaac's Cathedral - in the mansion of Alexander Aleksandrovich Polovtsov. About its history, you can write more than one book: for two and a half centuries, the owners, residents and guests of this building became the most prominent historical figures. The mansion of the patron Polovtsev preserved his historical interiors, over which in the XIX century the architects Mesmakher, Briullo and Bosse worked. In the house there are unique ceremonial rooms - White and Bronze halls, a boudoir with a bay window, a library and a leather and walnut dining room. The bronze hall in which the concert will be held is a genuine masterpiece, where even the doors are a work of art, and the light penetrates through a huge light ceiling in the ceiling. In combination with classical music - this place becomes truly magical!

In the program: waltzes, overtures and poles of the Strauss family
Performers: Strauss Camerata Orchestra
Duration of the concert: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission


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