Magical Ice Cream or In Search of the Snow Queen

Magical Ice Cream or In Search of the Snow Queen

Fantasy on the fairy tale G.Kh. Andersen for children 5-12 years old

Residents of a small town in anticipation of the New Year. It would Seem, nothing predicted troubles, but on the street there was a mysterious person tempting all magic ice-cream. Whoever eats it becomes soulless and evil. Poor boy Kai could not resist and now he is in captivity with the Snow Queen - his heart is chained by the eternal cold. To return her brother, Gerda is ready to go through any tests. A brave girl falls into captivity to forest robbers, she has to go thousands of miles through the snow storms in order to save Kai.

The play is full of intriguing plot twists and bright memorable heroes. Wise Crow Karl and his girlfriend Clara, the king and the princess, the reindeer and, of course, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden help the girl to go through all the tests. This is an instructive New Year's story of how the thirst for power and profit become powerless against the forces of love and good. In the New Year's performance actors of the State Children's Musical Theater "Zazerkalie", the State Drama Theater "Comedians", "Petersburg Concert", the State Philharmonic for Children and Youth are busy.

Before the performance of children, a cheerful dramatized interlude awaits together with the fairy-tale heroes. With the help of a magic brush (aquagrim), all the children themselves will turn into fairy-tale heroes. Christmas riddles, songs, dances, competitions, dances around the Christmas tree will not make you miss the New Year's holiday in the Palace of Chancellor Bezborodko. On our holiday it will be interesting both for adults and for children. You will plunge into the world of fairy tales and Christmas miracles! We are waiting for you! I'll see you at the palace!

After the presentation of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, fairy-tale heroes present gifts and take pictures with children.

Director: A. Ispolatov
Composer: N. Volkova - Laureate of S. Marshak Prize
Script writer: N. Khrushchev
Choreography: I. Sharonova
Lighting Designer: G. Rodnyanskaya
Costume Designer: E. Smirnova


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