The play «Dragon»

The play «Dragon»

For 400 years, the city has been ruled by a cunning and powerful Dragon. No matter what year, the Dragon requires a new sacrifice, choosing for himself the most beautiful girl in the city. But one day a wandering knight Lancelot comes to town - a tired knight without a chain mail and a sword, with scars from old battles on his face, ready to free the city from the power of the monster. The tyrant is defeated in a duel, but his place hastens to take on a new "dragon".

In the ironic and sad tale of Eugene Schwartz there are talking cats, invisibility caps and carpet-planes. Based on the fabulous plot of the peoples of South-East Asia about the dragon, which can not be defeated, because the winner himself turns into a dragon. But the magic entourage does not hide, but only emphasizes the acute social overtones, reflections and the nature of power and human nature, disfigured by fear, accustomed to lying and not ready to accept freedom.

NP Akimov addressed the "Dragon" twice - in 1944 and 1962. The premiere of the Comedy Theater, which repeatedly turned to the work of E. L. Schwartz, coincides with an important date - the 120th anniversary of the birth of the playwright. With her new performance Tatyana Kazakova develops one of the important artistic lines of the theater - a line of high comedy, sharp, multifaceted and aphoristic. Like any other production by TS Kazakova, this is not a performance "for the evil of the day," but an attempt to get to universal generalizations, to show how much power is tempted and how the seed of evil easily sprouts in the souls of people. To the collaboration over the play, the artist E. Kapelyush was invited, whose entertaining performances-tandems with TS Kazakova - "Shadow", "Visit of the Lady" - were invariably marked by audience success.

Genre: Drama
Author: Evgeny Shvarts
Directed by: Tatyana Kazakova
Composer: Faustas Latenas
Person in Action:

  • Dragon - People's Artist of Russia Yuri Lazarev
  • Lancelot - Denis Zaitsev
  • Charlemagne, archivist - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mironov / Igor Lepikhin
  • Elsa - Love Virolainen
  • Burgomaster - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Kuznetsov
  • Henry - Alexander Matveyev
  • Cat - Vitaliy Kuklin
  • Gardener - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Russkin
  • Military - Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Lebedev

Duration: 3 hours


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