The play «Truth Is Good, But Happiness Is Better»

The play «Truth Is Good, But Happiness Is Better»

The play by Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, written by him in 1876 to the benefit of the remarkable Russian actor Nikolai Musil, is rightly considered one of the best "acting" comedies, in which the playwright, enrolled in the accusers of the "dark kingdom", turned into a poet of light and witty.

The intrigue of the play, at first glance, is not complicated and usual. In the house of the rich merchant Mavra Tarasovna Barabosheva everything is orderly, strictly and impeccably. However, everything is not so simple in a respectable family. A drunkard and a rag son squandered money, clerks forged documents, a gardener steals apples. And Mavra herself, as it turns out later, is not without sin. But the domineering mistress is condescending to the "weaknesses" of her son and her family - if only everything was "at her will."

In the order of things, only the poor servant Platon does not fit-he has always got used to telling everyone the truth, and the beautiful granddaughter Polixena, a girl who has been extradited, inherited the stern nature of her grandmother, and fell in love with Plato inappropriately. Mavra Tarasovna herself is able to close her eyes to everything except honesty and freedom of love ... And not to condense with lovers, if not for the appearance in their house of a guest from the past, a retired non-commissioned officer, the Force Erofeiich Groznov.

Full of crafty humor comedy, AN Ostrovsky - about the power of the past and "His Majesty the case" over the lives of people.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Alexander Ostrovsky
Directed by: Alexander Kuzin
Artist: Andrey Klimov
Composer: Sergey Sushko

  • Amos Panfilych Baraboshev - Sergey Romanyuk
  • Mavra Tarasovna, his mother - Honored Artist of Russia Natalya Andreeva
  • Poliksena, daughter of Barabashev - Dariya Lyatetskaya
  • Filiteta, old nurse Poliksena - People's Artist of Russia Vera Karpova
  • Nikandr Mukhoyarov, the clerk of Barabashev - Vitaly Kuzmin
  • Gleb Merkulich, gardener - Honored Artist of Russia Boris Ulitin
  • Pelageya Grigorievna Zybkina - Honored Artist of Russia Irina Tsvetkova
  • Plato, her son, a young man - Evgeny Taks
  • Power of Erofeyich Groznov - People's Artist of Russia Yuri Lazarev

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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