The paly «Doctor of Philosophy»

The paly «Doctor of Philosophy»

The house of a wealthy banker Belly is a real temple of business. Massive columns, a peacock in a golden cage and a Ph.D. in the name of the son of Belly - in a gold frame under glass. The problem is that the education and diploma was received not by the charming slacker Milorad, but by the poor relative Velimir - under the name of Milorad. And now the Belly is about to become a victim of his own career ambitions and ambitious plans. Because during training abroad Velimir under the name of Milorad managed to get a wife and a child. And they are just about to descend into the house of their wealthy father-in-law, who was just thinking of marrying his unfortunate son to the daughter of the Minister of Railways.

The Yugoslav playwright Branislav Nusic skillfully develops the traditions of Moliere's "philistine in the nobility", sitcoms, in which the protagonist, increasingly dominated by foreign wives, charming swindlers, importunate benefactors, assertive matchmakers, is becoming more and more entangled. In the play of Tatiana Kazakova these colorful characters merge into a motley, screaming, demanding chorus, threatening to drive the unfortunate Belly out of her mind.
And only love is capable of cutting a tangle of contradictions.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Bronislav Nusic
Director: Tatiana Kazakova

  • Belly Tsviyovich, rich businessman - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Russkin
  • Wife Belly - Ludmila Motor
  • Milorad, the son of Zhivoty - Yaroslav Vorontsov
  • Milorad, son of Belly; Soykin's husband - Alexander Matveyev
  • Slavka, the daughter of Belly - Olesya Berezhnaya
  • Blessed, Mara's brother - Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Smirnov
  • Velimir - Vitaliy Kuzmin
  • Clara - Natalia Shostak
  • Ms. Draga, matchmaker - Honored Artist of Russia Natalya Andreeva
  • Professor Riser - Alexey Makretsky / Alexander Leskov
  • Mrs. Spasoevich, member of the Board of Management of Children's Shelter No. 9 - Irina Grigorieva
  • Mrs. Protich, member of the Board of Management of Children's Shelter No. 9 - Galina Gudova
  • Jay - Dariya Lyatetskaya
  • Soykin's husband - Andrei Tolshin
  • Nikolic - Alexey Krasnozvetov

Duration: 3 hours


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