Marina Devyatova

Marina Devyatova

Concert on the birthday! The program "ROADS OF HAPPINESS"

Marina Devyatova - the owner of classical music education, a graduate of the Gnessin Academy, a performer of folk songs and romances. In addition, Marina is the Ambassador of Russian culture in the countries of the world.

Marina Devyatova is a representative of true folk culture. Her work is sincere and sincere. And as the singer is sure, because it is in the songs composed by the people that people from time immemorial expressed their thoughts, views, traditions, described important historical events, vital and moral foundations.

Even in her youth, Marina decided that she wanted to sing Russian folk songs. This love was instilled by her father, People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov. "There was a time that the Russian song was forgotten, abandoned, but its sincerity and even healing can not be ignored. And she has lived for centuries and will outlive us. For us and you, the Russian song is a message to new generations about us, our life, way of life, traditions, culture of the people. It's not just words, look at the historical reality, our ancestors in their songs sent us information about their lives, thanks to old romances and songs we learn history, "- assured Marina Devyatova.

Marina Devyatova lovingly received in different parts of the world. She was applauded by the halls of Germany, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, the USA, South Korea, China, Laos, Vietnam and Mongolia. She sang for the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II and her entire royal family. Each solo concert of Marina is a holiday of the soul: live performance, colorful show, amazing musicians. Always very bright and in one go!

In December 2013, Marina celebrated her 30th birthday with a grand concert at the "Russia" concert hall. In November 2014 in the Theater of Variety with a full house sold a concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of creative work. Discography of the singer. In 2009, the first debut album, "I Did not Think, Did not Guess", was released, and in 2011 - "I'm Happy!", In 2013 - the album "In the Lunar Radiance ...". All albums of the performer are represented in iTunes.

This year, the singer became the mother of a wonderful baby Ulyana, who with her birth inspired Marina to create and prepare a new concert program. It will include the most touching and vivid songs about a Russian woman, a protector, mother, daughter, wife, her love, beauty, strength, courage ...

Duration: 2 hours


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