The opera «Iolanta»

The opera «Iolanta»

Swan Song by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, "Iolanta" - lyrical and extremely touching opera. It was the last that managed to write the composer. The authors of the works is rightly called the brothers Tchaikovsky wrote the opera itself Pyotr Ilyich, and the libretto for her - his younger brother Modest.

History, forming the basis for the plot was taken out of play by the composer "King Rene's Daughter", where Hertz turned to an old legend of its people.

The mountain castle in the southern region of France settled the king with his blind daughter - lovely Iolanthe, from which all around, on the orders of her father hide this shortcoming. Iolanthe will soon get married, so the king hopes to cure the girl before the wedding, the groom did not know about her blindness. Doctor King disappointing: in order to be healed, the blind shall know the truth and you really want to see the world. Afraid to make the unfortunate daughter, the king does not want to reveal her secret, which so carefully guarded for many years, and rejects the words of the doctor. However, she learns the truth from the knight Vaudemont, arrived at the palace with her fiance. Subsequent events manages Her Majesty Love broke out between Jolanta and knight. The desire to see and the desire to save a loved one from the penalty leads to the fact that Iolanta regains eyesight.

 The opera "Iolanta" - dive into the inner world of the characters and their dissolution in love - love, with which it is possible any miracle.

Libretto: Modest Tchaikovsky after the drama of Heinrich Hertz "King Rene's Daughter"
Directed by: Sergey Shepelev
Premiere: July 14, 2005
The duration of the opera: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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