Group «Pilot»

Group «Pilot»

The whole 2016 will be marked for the band "Pilot" tour called "Sunk...". This program will present musicians in Moscow. Given that the team has traveled all over the country with the program, bringing together the most daring and funny songs, "Pilot" decided to gather for concerts in 2016. The composition is mainly heavy and serious for the past two years.

Remembering that, with some creativity it all began in Pilot 19 years ago, and comparing the track lists of 1997 and the present, in person, we involuntarily word. Sunk "in the best sense!" - Says the leader of the group Ilya Chert . "We realized that during those 19 years, we have not only got to really serious and difficult in the performance of music, but also to the discussion in the songs of the most important questions of mankind. And also "sunk" to the point where we can play all these songs live with almost studio quality sound and performance".


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