The play «Dog's heart»

The play «Dog's heart»

Outstanding surgeon Professor Preobrazhensky decided on a risky experiment to transplant the human pituitary gland to a dog. The transplant works: the organ takes root, the dog takes on a human appearance, acquires the ability to speak and make decisions. The medical revolution committed by Professor Preobrazhensky, as well as the October revolution, which occurred shortly before the events described in Bulgakov's novel, gave birth to a completely new type of person.

Today, 100 years after the Great October Revolution, we can analyze and understand what these new, born of revolutionary storms led us, and most importantly - how much common has remained between them and us. Who are we? Are the next new people created by Perestroika? Or direct descendants and worthy heirs of the dynasty "Sharikov" and "Shvonder".

Approximate duration of the performance - 2 hours 30 minutes, 1 intermission.


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