STIGMATA. Presentation of the new album

STIGMATA. Presentation of the new album


Flagships of modern youth culture from the northern capital, the STIGMATA band will present a new record this fall. The presentation of the album will take place on December 3 in St. Petersburg (A2)!

Group STIGMATA - leaders of the domestic heavy scene. In the beginning of 2000 the collective won the listeners' love with the lyric composition "How are you", and the fighters "Ice", "Wings" and "September" are still the main business cards of the group. The musicians of STIGMATA traveled almost all cities of Russia and the CIS, and also opened their concerts Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Ozzy Osbourne, Caliban and Bullet For My Valentine. In 2012, STIGMATA released a landmark album "Based on real events", symbolizing the transition to a more electronic sound. Despite its considerable age, the group always remains on the crest of the wave and welcomes creative experiments. So, in 2014 STIGMATA first introduced a full-scale acoustic program, and in 2015 released the EP "Legion", which included a cover on the track Scang "Hunger".

After the success of the single "Tsunami" earlier this year, the team announced the release of the long-awaited album: the release of the album is scheduled for the middle of autumn. This summer, STIGMATA musicians declined almost all performances at popular festivals and open-airs, and sat in the studio. "We experiment a lot with arrangements, painstakingly work on melodies, on lyrics. We can for several hours with Mityaem remake the same piece of the track. Denis seriously invested in the lyrics, looking for images, themes, selects some moves and metaphors. In this album there will be classic STIGMATA ballads, and of course uncompromising fighters, which are sure to please our old fans. The record is written in modern electronic sound, but we remain an old good metal. The album turns out to be interesting, diverse, and we hope that everyone will find their own track on it, "commented the guitarist and composer, Taras Umansky.

In the second half of the autumn STIGMATA will go on a large-scale tour of the cities and villages of our vast homeland, which will end with two fantastic shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg: on November 24 at the RED club and on December 3 in A2 you will be covered by the tsunami of STIGMATA sound!


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