Troll Gnet El

Troll Gnet El

Legends of the folk-rock metal underground, inventors of the "beer folk" style, the most extraordinary and unconventional rock band under the catchy title "TROLL GNET FIR" celebrates its 18th anniversary in autumn! The folk-rock world would have been different, had it not been for the St. Petersburg Trolls who stood at the very roots of the dance folk metal. Their work is poured with many bright faces, creating a whole magical world, in which there is room for everyone! Those who are tired of deaf melancholy, exhausted or simply sad, once hearing the dashing rhythms and incendiary melodies of TGE, will never again return to despondency. That is the power of the spirit of the Light Hop! It is not at all necessary to drink ale to feel the power of the Hop.

It's enough just to listen to the music of the Trolls, and your feet will start to dance, and your heart will be filled with joy! Is not it, wonderful? Troll Gnet Yel confidently brings his creativity into the world for 18 years, gathering around him more and more faithful fans and fans. Join and you, friend! The big festive reporting show - an uncompromising solo concert Troll Gnet Fir - will be held September 16 in the club COSMONAUT. In the program, the presentation of the clip, invited guests, holiday surprises, memories and, of course, the sea of ​​concentrated 100% quality "branded" musical creativity Troll Gnet Yer


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