The play «Dragon»

The play «Dragon»

Not about power. Not about love. Not about money.
But that
 - pink color is scarier than black,
 - and the night is clearer than the day;
 - that insanity is the most reasonable choice, when nothing can be done ...
 - that one head is good, and three is bad;
 - that all u need is love,
 - that love is all u need,
 - that no one knows why and who needs it ...
And the main thing: the best decoration of girls is modesty and a transparent dress.

Total: the best songs, incendiary dances, magnificent actors, incredible sincerity, frightening candor, the finest sarcasm in the new play "DRAGON".

Konstantin Bogomolov: "Why Schwartz? This is a beautiful real literature. The main clue - the time of writing the "Dragon", which was during the Second World War, is the feeling of an apocalypse that hung over the author and over the world, and the expectation of the Savior. The play, like the play, is permeated with a sense of desperation. This story is about the fact that the times of the dragon are more honest than the times without it. This is not a very pleasant thought. The play about the inner state of man and the degradation of civilization, European civilization in principle. There is a phrase: "Red color, fading, becomes pink." Red is the color of blood. The color of blood is erased, memory is erased, which is sad, because the memory of this blood should not be erased. "

Director: Konstantin Bogomolov
Artist: Larisa Lomakina
Cast: Oleg Tabakov, Igor Vernik, Kirill Vlasov, Nadezhda Kaleganova, Yevgeny Perevalov, Pavel Tabakov, Kirill Trubetskoy, Uliana Glushkova, Alexander Bulatov, Artem Panchik, Vladimir Panchik take part in the performance.
Date of premiere: 10 February 2017
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

From the press:

"Dragon" is a play about the fact that it is impossible to protect yourself from evil: the one who fights against evil will certainly become a part of it. The fact that good is reborn first - because it is thinner and more sensitive. And also about the fact that Schwartz's famous phrase "The only way to get rid of the dragon is to have one's own" in virtual times, it's time to rewrite: "The only way to get rid of the dragon is to become it." (Alla Shenderova,, February 27, 2017)

"Dragon" is devoid of moralizing pathos: tags, arranged with the help of Soviet and new pop songs, cadres from Soviet films and chronicles, images of Christ, fused with the figure of Lancelot, Simonov's poems ("Wait for me" - not about war, but about the second coming ) Is not a historical model and not an evaluation scale. Rather, it is a scattering of associations, a sense of time and a feeling for the main topics, one of which is the question of the victim and its depreciation, of life after the hecatomb. As is known, tragedy often turns into a farce, "Dragon" is full of bitter irony about the vitality of rotten human nature. " (Anna Banasyukevich,, March 8, 2017)


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