The play «Zoyka's Apartment»

The play «Zoyka's Apartment»

In 1925, the Moscow Theater. Vakhtangov turned to Mikhail Bulgakov with a request to write a play. The legendary writer fulfilled the order and created, as he said, "a tragic buffoonery, in which a number of businessmen of the Nepmen's positon are shown in the form of masks in our days in Moscow." Despite the fact that the action "Zoykina apartment" occurs 80 years ago, all the characters and stories are relevant in our days. The camouflaged visiting houses, charming alfonses, keepers of brothels, underground manufactures under the label Made in China - the events will appear before us as if not from Bulgakov's text, but from the pages of modern newspapers and TV news.

"Zoykina apartment" became the forerunner of the "Master and Margarita" Bulgakov: in it the motif of "bad apartment" and demonic tempter already appears. From this play the heroes of not only the "Master and Margarita" grew up, but also of another cult work - "Twelve Chairs" by Ilf and Petrov. Director Yuri Yadrovsky is not the first time talking to Bulgakov's works, and Zoykin's apartment in his vision is a comic mystery in which he addresses the origins of Bulgakov's studies of good and evil, the destruction of human foundations and the testing of people by temptations of life.

Genre: Tragic buffoonery
Director: Yuri Yadrovsky
Actors: Natalia Parashkina, Alexander Pavelev, Yuri Elagin, Alexandra Mamkaeva, Anna Schetinina
Premiere: December 24, 2015
Duration: 3 hours with one intermission


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