Max Korzh

Max Korzh

Three concerts of Max Korzh in St. Petersburg - proof that this guy has forever entered himself into the history of our rap.

On December 9, 20 and 30, Max Korzh goes on stage at the A2 Green Concert club to teach young (and not only) Petersburg residents # livekayf. Unrestrained energy, which the young Belarusian musician gives at his concerts, forces his fans to again and again storm ticket offices of ticket operators in pursuit of cherished tickets. To do this, Max just need to write about the upcoming event on his pages in social networks. At the December concert, the artist will present a new album and make the audience happy with their favorite hits.

Max only took a few years to become a big guy from the Minsk outskirts to become a big star wherever you can hear the Russian language. "Heaven will help us", "Live in the buzz", "Flame Light", "Burn, Son" - these songs are in the playlists of millions, they beat records on downloading on the Internet.

Buntic and hooligan, sometimes desperate and evil, lyrical and touching - Max's songs find a response for each of us. We are every day more and more deaf in ourselves sincere aspirations and dreams under the yoke of daily routine, and the sincerity and enthusiasm of creativity Korzh help reboot. The dance floor of the A2 Club Green Concert awaits the real break of Max and his fans. This December will be hotter than any summer month!

 Do not miss the chance to go to a concert of one of the coolest young artists!


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