December 8 in St. Petersburg will be a big electric concert of the band ZVERI. On this day the musicians will celebrate not only the 16th anniversary of the band, but also the jubilee of the frontman. Roma The beast on the Jubilee stage celebrates its fortieth anniversary, and it is absolutely impossible to believe it.

His songs have long become the hits of generations, the concerts of the ZVER band come whole families, and the music awards have long been not a success indicator for the team. Roma The beast continues to conquer new heights, proving that he is one of the brightest performers in the country.

Despite the solid creative age, musical excitement and drive becomes only more. This is also because in 2016, in the group of the BEAST, the composition was renewed, which did not leave a fan of the collective indifferent. And if at first the news was taken coolly, then after an acoustic tour to more than 150 cities in Russia and the near abroad, the fans unanimously accepted the guitarist, bassist and drummer for the "family." Concert at Stadium will be a kind of result of a dizzying and busy season.

When one of the most touring, most recognizable, most cited groups goes on stage, there is a real chemical reaction between the energy of musicians and the love of the fans. The concert, where everyone will "try" the drinks more firmly, will necessarily remember what the graduation ends, for whom the radio operator will die and why brunettes and blondes are alone ... Such a concert of the ZVERI band can not be missed.


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