Excursion «St. Petersburg Poetry, or Poetry on the Water»

Excursion «St. Petersburg Poetry, or Poetry on the Water»

Concert and excursion in one on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.

Petersburg has always been and remains the capital of Russian poetry and Russian literature. In "The Year of Literature 2015" we invite you to a unique walk "Poetic Petersburg". The most famous lines about the city and about love, about joys and sadness will be heard where they were once created. Zhukovsky and Pushkin and Alexander Griboyedov, Akhmatova and Blok, Z. Gippius and Dmitry Merezhkovsky, Mandelstam and Ivanov, Esenin and Brodsky - these are just a small list of the representatives of three centuries Russian poetry, who lived, walked and worked in St. Peterburge.Na our way to meet as many as three houses in which lived Anna Akhmatova, six, in which Alexander Pushkin visited, four, which had an affair Blok, two in which He chasing glory in the northern capital Sergei Esenin.

Excursion time: 1,5 hours
Preferential tickets: schoolchildren (starting from the age of 17), pensioners and students (upon presentation of supporting documents).
Children's ticket: children from 3 to 16 years.
Children under 3 years - free of charge.


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