Bus Excursion «St. Petersburg - the Territory of Ghosts»

Bus Excursion «St. Petersburg - the Territory of Ghosts»

In the company of charming guests from the past - Count Cagliostro and the French fortuneteller Maria Lenorman - you will make an exciting journey into the world of secrets of one of the most mysterious cities on earth. The ancient Petersburg palaces, houses and streets will appear before you in a different, otherworldly appearance.
You will learn: what is the "Pharmacy Quarter", and in what parts of the city do desires are fulfilled; Where there are "abnormal" and "favorable" zones of the city, and what is the reason for such an arrangement; What terrible mysteries are hidden in the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Field of Mars; What bridge was nicknamed the "bridge of suicides" and why; Where is the "belly of Petersburg"; Where the Petersburg "Bermuda Triangle" is located.
Also you will be able to take part in the mystical rite, to tell fortunes and make wishes in the most interesting places of the city. And get for memory a small amulet that will keep you from dark forces and mysterious spirits.
The route of the excursion was not formed by itself - we were driven by the force of attraction of the anomalous zones of Petersburg. And during the program all the guests feel their influence on themselves. Moreover, unpleasant feelings are not experienced.
From the Kazan Cathedral along Nevsky Prospekt, Sadovaya Street, through Apraksin Dvor and Senna Square, to St. Isaac's Cathedral, to the Vasilievsky and Petrograd Islands, the Field of Mars and the Mikhailovsky Castle.

Excursion time: 3 hours
Collection of the group and departure: from the Kazan square, at the monument to Kutuzov
Preferential tickets: schoolchildren (starting from the age of 17), pensioners and students (upon presentation of supporting documents).
Children's ticket: children from 3 to 16 years.
Children under 3 years - free of charge.


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