Leonid Agutin and «Esperanto»

Leonid Agutin and «Esperanto»

The whole, sincere, bright Leonid Agutin does not fit into any scenic cliches. That's why he stands out and stands apart from the most famous Russian musicians. His work is difficult to attribute to any musical current, he is beyond these limitations. And this is his eccentricity. He is a romantic poet with a rock-n-roll sound, feeling what thousands of fans of all ages and musical preferences respond to in their hearts.

Leonid Agutin is an acknowledged musician in many parts of the world. He applauds at the jazz festival in Montreux, and thousands of stadiums throughout the country. "Jazz, blues, funk, and bossanova are all love, hobby and even education. I like listening and playing different kinds of music, "Leonid says about himself and suggests that St. Petersburgers share with him his passion and vocation at the concert this fall! October 28, for the first time in a cozy chamber format, Leonid Agutin on the stage of the Cosmonaut Club! An event that can not be missed.


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