Operation Plasticine

Operation Plasticine

October 22 in the St. Petersburg club "Cosmonaut" the group "Operation Plasticine" will present the public with a new unique program - "Colors and Lights: Full immersion"! In the literal sense of the word, having created the most beautiful program for the March show in Moscow's Yotaspace, the team received extremely enthusiastic feedback from the public, which led to an understanding of how a simple concert can become something more for the fans and the actor, The meaning of old songs and tighten into a whirlpool of emotions.

Light design, painstakingly and lovingly created by a young talented Tambov light engineer Alexander Frolov, on March 19, allowed many to look at their favorite songs with different eyes. It was after this that the realization came that the music "OP" was more than just music. In the slam or at the bar counter, in the first row or in the VIP-box, it should be felt by every cell of the brain. And in this group, light and color helped. In the autumn of this year the collective will aim for an even more difficult show. The program will be created in such a way that each visitor, despite his location and activity in the hall, always felt not only the density of the bass and the melody, the voices of the vocalists, and the energy of the music, but also something bright, enveloping everything around. Those who know each note by heart, will be able to experience their favorite songs anew, to feel all the emotions that are invested in them Author. Those who will attend the concerts of Operation Plasticine for the first time will see this world in a new way.

It will not be theatrical performances or anything like that. This will be the usual concerts of the group on energy and drive, with sarkl and slam, steydzhdeyvingom and flash mobs, but decorated with the help of light and color so that the DIVING WILL BE FULL. Hence the name - "Colors and Lights: Full Immersion". It should also be noted that in the autumn "Operation Plasticine" will play just two concerts, and the tour with the presentation of the upcoming album will begin only in the spring of 2018. This means that the team expects friends from all regions of the country and not only to together go through this path in two unforgettable performances, one of which will be held on October 22 in the St. Petersburg club Cosmonaut.


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