Operation Plasticine

Operation Plasticine

March 31, 2018 in the St. Petersburg club "Cosmonaut" the group "Operation Plasticine" will present its new album to the public!

In February, "Operation Plasticine" will present its next longplay to the public, after which it will go on a big tour around the country and near abroad, which will last the entire year 2018. In the northern capital of the group presents the album on March 31 in the club "Cosmonaut".

Changes that occurred both in the composition of the collective, and in the musical component in the summer and autumn of 2017, allowed the group to enter a completely different, qualitatively new level of creativity. Throughout the autumn of 2017 releasing a single for a single, "Operation Plasticine" draws under its flags an ever larger army of fans. What will be the final chord of this story - a new album - will be seen in February. In the meantime, store tickets for the concert of the band and see you in the spring!


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