Show «Improvisation»

Show «Improvisation»

Improvisation is one of the new formats of the comedy show for Russian television. Do not forget that this genre is considered to be the hardest, because the participants do not have doubles to play a joke.

This year, the TNT channel launched the second season of the favorite show. The characters are the same: Anton Shastun, Dmitry Pozov, Arseny Popov and Sergei Matvienko. They will come to again conquer the sophisticated public of the Northern capital. The participants of the project have a rather rich experience in the genre of improvisation. Before the television project, they honed their skills during club performances. How well the children managed to master the improvisation, you can appreciate during the concert. In addition, as in the last time, viewers will be able to take part in improvisational games: to offer their own variants of action, heroes and even the development of events. On the stage everything will be the same as in the TV show - a complete surprise even for the heroes of the project. A distinctive feature and highlight of the project is the absence of a certain scenario.

For you, absolutely unexpected situations, interesting images and crazy dialogues will be presented. Spectators of the concert will become participants in the most ridiculous actions, try on the role of celebrities and quickly change their role at the command of the presenter. In a word, the artists will be able to wittyly get out of all the rework that the guests of the show will offer.

Each concert of the show "Improvisation" is unique, with its own special jokes and sketches. Do not miss the chance to become a witness and participant of this show, played in a single copy. Get your tickets now!

Actors: Anton Shastun, Dmitry Pozov, Arseny Popov, Sergei Matvienko.


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