VIA «Proletarian Tango»

VIA «Proletarian Tango»

VIA "Proletarian Tango" is a positive and sunny retro style orchestra, performing good light covers of Soviet hits, accompanied by a wind section and balalaika. For the year of the existence of the VIA Proletango, headed by the permanent Khudruk, the spectacular skater Dmitry Karanevsky conquered large and small concert halls of St. Petersburg, performed at major festivals in the city, visited Moscow and Sochi. "The Leningrad Bridges", "Moscow Windows", "Snow Comes", "Shalandi" and many other things - the repertoire of "Proletarian Tango" consists of hits, under which the country danced half a century ago, but so far every schoolboy knows these songs.

"Proletarian Tango" creates its own arrangements, remaining within the chosen genre, their music is not meticulous restoration and not stylization, not nostalgia (when Magomayev sang "Moscow Windows" not even members of the group, and their parents walked on foot under the table), and independent Original creativity, interesting and those who remember these songs sounding from two-channel radios, and those who now watch the video clips of "Tango" on Youtube. By the way, it was the video clips that brought the band the first popularity and recognition, tens of thousands of views and the first loyal fans. In 2017, "Proletarian Tango" will reach a new level - the group will present the author's material to the public, some compositions are already playing at concerts!


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