VIA «Proletarian Tango»

VIA «Proletarian Tango»

VIA Solo Concert "Proletarian Tango" in the St. Petersburg Club "A2"

On December 17, the club "A2" will host a big solo concert of the VIA "Proletarian Tango". HE will be the biggest performance in the history of the collective. Guests of the event for the whole evening will immerse themselves in the warm atmosphere of the author's arrangements of Soviet hits and fresh own works of the collective.

A popular retro band led by Dmitry Karanevsky, will present his new album on December 17 at the largest club in the northern capital, whose name is still kept secret. The record will include absolutely new compositions of "Proletarian Tango" of his own composition. According to Dmitry Karanevsky himself, the concert will recreate the atmosphere of the upcoming New Year in the best lamp traditions of the "Irony of Fate".

"In the times of the Soviet Union, every second singer sang these songs, and at the upcoming concert we will play a completely new unique program that will bring someone back to a happy childhood, and someone will give a piece of that kind warm soul, which sometimes lacks a modern stage. We will dip for a couple of hours on the warmest December evening ", - Dmitry Karanevsky, soloist of the group VIA Proletarian Tango.

"The Leningrad Bridges", "Moscow Windows", "Snow Comes", "Shalandi" and many other things - the repertoire of "Proletarian Tango" consists of hits, under which the country danced half a century ago, but so far every schoolboy knows these songs. The group not only creates its own arrangements of immortal hits, but, while remaining within the chosen genre, writes its own music. Dmitry Karanevsky - participant of the new season of the show "Golos" with colleagues create independent and original creativity, interesting for those who remember these songs sounding from two-channel radios, and those who are watching the video clips of "Tango" on Youtube.

VIA Proletarian Tango is a positive retro style orchestra. The first popularity of the group brought clips to YouTube. Over the shoulders - participation in the biggest Russian music festivals: "Jazz Manor", "Peter, I Love You", "Retrotechnika Festival", "Leningrad Bridges".


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