The play «Tale of Fedot-Archer, Swashbuckling Young Man»

The play «Tale of Fedot-Archer, Swashbuckling Young Man»

Comedy, created by Filatov based on Russian folklore, was first published in 1986 and immediately gained a truly popular recognition. She went around the country in winged phrases: "Do not go and do not go, but go and provide", "What a living without adventure, just horror, and not live!" ...

The plot of the play is traditional for many Russian folk tales: the tsar, wishing to lime an archer and marry his wife Maruse, devises for the hero a test. The most difficult thing is to bring "To-Chawo-Not-Can-Be!"

Sparky humor, vivid figurative speech, guessing historical overtones and obvious satirical remarks make a story familiar from childhood that is fascinating for spectators of all ages.


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