ANACONDAZ - Presentation of the New Album

In 2017 our fifth numbered LP will be released, in support of which we will go on a big tour in more than 50 cities of Russia, CIS, near and far abroad with a new concert program. The last 7 years were very intense: we released 4 albums and EP, shot two dozen video clips, played hundreds of concerts, and our pauzern-units grew to the scale, which we could not even dream about at the beginning of the creative path.

In 2016, we began work on the fifth album, the only work released since which is the song "Trains". It came out in June and became our first track, which got on the air of FM-radio stations. The new album will be musically eclectic and poetically bold, as you can see at the beginning of 2017. We pay special attention to the sound of the songs, which is why the mastering of the record will again be done by the 360 ​​Mastering Studio in London. This again became possible thanks to the active support of the listeners of our project on planeta.Ru.

Prior to the official release of the album, we plan to release at least one single and a video clip to it, and in February we will show a film-concert, shot during our performance in Yotaspace in the spring of 2016. The new concert program will consist both of songs from the new album, and of proven militants from all past releases.


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