Space concert!

"Samsara" - a group that has long been not only refers to the rock, and the Urals, in particular. This group, which is so closely within the framework of one wave and one course, even venerable critics find it difficult to accurately determine its style and format, come together on that "Samsara" - a unique phenomenon on the national stage, each new creation that surprises and breaks all old stereotypes about the group.

Corporate sound, always vibrant live performances, full of allusions poetic lyrics and charismatic frontman Sasha Gagarin - that's what the "Samsara".

So, this concert was bound to happen! We have been waiting for this. On the Day of Cosmonautics April 12 Ural legendary band "Sansara" led by the frontman Sasha Gagarin first appearance on the stage of the club "Cosmonaut"! In addition to the premiere of the new single and the program of the best songs. Full space promise. Go!


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