Musical program «Love.Movie.Music»

Musical program «Love.Movie.Music»

To start with you, we will find ourselves in the times of black and white Hollywood, and then dive into those dear to us memories that store for us the songs of domestic musical movies over the years.

You will witness (and, in part, and participants) exciting and touching romantic story. He - the star of the screen, it - his loyal and devoted fan. Music and movie screen will be the background for the origin and development of this almost incredible love-story ...

Spend this evening in an atmosphere of romance, love and magic wonder of the world cinema. Lights ... Camera ... Action! ..

The busy program:

  • Maria Elizarova - soloist of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy, the star of musicals "Dangerous Liaisons," "West Side Story", "Hits of Broadway"
  • M.I.R.O.S.L.A.V. - The soloist of the Music Hall and the Theatre "Carom" Artist of the musicals "The Master and Margarita" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat"
  • Stanislav Chigadaev - virtuoso classical and jazz piano, jazz trio leader, "Good evening."
  • Iskander Fakhrutdinov - choreographer

Gathering of visitors: 19:00
Start the program: 20:00


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