Alexander Pushnoy

Alexander Pushnoy

March 17 with the presentation of the new program will act in an exemplary artist of wide profile - Alexander Pushnoy & The Band.

The past year has clearly signaled that Pooh took up music seriously. At this point, and performances at big festivals (including "Invasion"), and full tour schedule, and a significant Internet presence (for example, video from ether #VKLive with Alexander Pushnoy and Marina Kravets watched by more than three and a half million people ). His hits knows and remembers almost the entire country. That there is only one soundtrack to the program "6 shots" or scandalous song "Who are you?" "# Nedoshutok" from the last album. Now it's time for new rock songs.

"I like to look at a number of happy people who have no idea what will now be held on the stage!", - Says Alexander Pushnoy, - "I am not a musician. It is not my profession. It is a happy chance that I wrote the song, and they become someone interesting. So there were stars and nothing more. "

Fur - a phenomenal actor. He writes music for various films and programs, performs as a singer and humorist, a frequent guest of esters, various TV shows and events. In addition to original songs, Alexander performs with pleasure and "covers".

Concert Alexander Pushnoy - is the ability to swing this evening to the full!


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