The play «Hero for the Day»

The play «Hero for the Day»

This legendary performance has been going on for many years with unchanged publicity and is rightfully considered one of the best Petersburg comedies! A simple story about the intertwining of human destinies is told by playwrights in the genre of vaudeville. In the apartment of the mysterious St. Petersburg lady Vera Mikhailovna, several very different but positive people are facing the circumstances. Marine biologist Leonid, actor-loser Igor, a girl from the province of Varya, theater critic Eliseev, colonel in retirement Vadim Petrovich ...

It seems that between these people there can be nothing in common, they are so different, and not similar to each other. But when they meet in one place, how amazing things begin to happen. This classic lyrical comedy, combined with the comedy of positions, makes the audience literally laugh to tears. This is a play about love. The fact that the mask, which the person wears, very often hides the true face. About that from love to hate one step, as from hatred to love. The fact that if you believe in a miracle, it will necessarily happen ...

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: н.а. Russia Valery Nikitenko.
Author: based on the play by B. Ratzer and V. Konstantinov "Culprit of the triumph"
In the play are busy: M. Svetin, N. Andreeva, O. Bityukova, V. Kuzmin, A. Gaydulyan, D. Zaitsev, N. Lyzhina, A. Samokhina, E. Larionov, Y. Rudin
Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission


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