The play «Comedy on Wheels or Velodrama»

The play «Comedy on Wheels or Velodrama»

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    Recommended age 0+

Variety statement from the meter Yuri Galtseva scene - it is always bright and unforgettable gift to the audience, which has everything that you could wish for. Jugglers and clowns, mime artists, jugglers and clowns - casual mix on stage funny and always at great force staged Galtseva talent. The highlight of each performance becomes a new and unexpected for all guests in every setting - other (in their role were operatic talents Eduard Khil and Basil Gerello).

Viewers will enjoy vivid comedic talents of students Yu Galtseva workshop, as well as famous artists A. Malkov, IA Yarashevich and others. The production of "Velodramy" marks the revival on the stage of pop classics of the genre, in which the artists have breathed new modern breath.

The word "Velodrama" is translated from Latin as performance. The name for the setting chosen by chance: changing to dynamic action scene makes the audience watching him with bated breath. Funny magic tricks, juggling unusual things, clowns, traveling back in time, touching and slightly ridiculous pantomime cause the viewer laugh and give a good mood. At the same time, Galtsev proves that it is possible to speculate on the stage of an important and serious - easily and unobtrusively, with cheerful laughter and light sadness ...

Genre: Humorous evening
Director: Yu.Galtsev
Actors: V. Keftiu, I. Yaroshevich, Mikhailik Yu, K. Petrov, A. Malkov and artists studio Yu Galtseva
Premiere: 24 March 2012
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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