Unique Dilara Vagapova - the voice of the "Murakami" - celebrated his birthday on September 14th on the stage of the St. Petersburg club "Cosmonaut".

What birthday? It surprises and gifts, joy, smiles, happiness. A Birthday Dilara Vagapova, the soloist of the group "Murakami" - all of this and a little bit more. Favorite songs, dances, unexpected guests - the evening will be full of these wonders. If you think that it is not invited to this holiday - it's time to throw doubt because Dilara waiting for everyone who cares about her work and all those who breathe the same air with her. According Diryary she loves surprises. So turn on the imagination, do not forget to take a very good mood and come to congratulate the soloist of the most gentle and good rock band "Murakami". Warm and intimate atmosphere provided!


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