Clown program «Anima Allegra or Joyful Soul»

Clown program «Anima Allegra or Joyful Soul»

At the Theater of Arkady Raikin Estrada held a unique event - will be presented clown program clown of St. Petersburg, which will bring together the best masters of the genre from our city. Actors, won the love of the audience and conquered the scenic area around the globe, not just invited to the arena of the best circuses in the world -. Cirque du Soleil, Ranlag, Roncalli, etc., will only joint concert!

Famous "Actors" - Robert Gorodetsky, Anna Orlova, Valery Keftiu! Most students and followers litsedeyskogo movement female clown trio "Clara" - Olga Kozionova, Catherine and Maria Dorichenko Cheremisova! Sparkling duo of original genre "Garik and Yurik" - Igor and Yuri Yaroshevich Mikhailik! Talented single global Artyom Malkov and Piotr Dementyev!

The program will be presented to your attention the best numbers of these famous artists. You are waiting for your favorite clown characters, high professional level and skill of the actors, the uniqueness and high sense of humor of their copyright rooms. All of this will satisfy the highest aesthetic needs of the public and guests of the Capital of Culture in our city! You will receive a great mood and spent great time for the whole family! Hurry to see this unique clown divertissement of St. Petersburg! While the artists are not scattered tour life.

Genre: Clowning
Actors: Robert Gorodetsky, A. Orlov, V. Keftiu, Kozionova O., E. Dorichenko, Cheremisova M., I. Yaroshevich, Yu Mikhailik


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