The play «We Play Figaro!»

The play «We Play Figaro!»

The famous film director Vladimir Glazkov together with Variety Theater actors them. Raikin started work on a new production. At the heart of the play "Play Figaro!" - The famous Beaumarchais comedy about the adventures of cheerful Barber of Seville.

Vladimir Glazkov decided to fix it! The talented director, he will create on the stage of Theatre of Estrada easy and fun musical comedy. Spectators waiting for the performance witty jokes, unexpected transformation and a very unusual musical decision. Stage number will accompany the hits of Broadway composers of the 60s of the last century.

One of the roles in the play performed by the artistic director of the theater, a popular Russian actor Yuri Galtsev! And with it will come on the scene the young actors - graduates of the course Galtseva-Glazkov, has won the love of the Petersburg public. The shape of the production will be a kind of "performance in the play." The artists will perform in the role of the theater group, which will meet on stage and suddenly decides: "Let's play of Figaro." Their bold, mischievous and original version of the famous French comedy will surely love the audience.

Genre: Comedy
Director: V. Glazkov
Author: P. Beaumarchais
Cast: Yuriy Galtsev, graduates of the course Galtseva-Glazkova


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