Russian Championship «Sparta»

Russian Championship «Sparta»

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"They know that life and death - it is nature, and fame and infamy - ours." The lessons of history show that a true Spartan would rather die on the battlefield than surrender. Their resilience and fortitude compose true legend. In October, the Sibur Arena legends become reality!

October 29 in St. Petersburg will be held for the first time in the history of Russian Championship absolutely new kind of contact martial arts "Sparta", which will be reinforced by strong support in the form of entertaining performances of the best artists and presenters! October 29 Sibur Arena for one night turn to Sparta!

In the extended, as the gorge, "Spartan" ring real fight will unfold: 8 teams, 4 fighters in the team, 7 minutes to win, one weight category. The shape of the ring will not allow athletes to maneuver and exhausting each other, stepped into the ring - Fight. This means that the audience will enjoy the bright, unforgettable show, which St. Petersburg has not yet seen. And let the best man win, that already in 2017 to enter the ring VTB Arena (Moscow) and fight for the world title!

Spectacular fights, humor, quality music - you have to be there and be part of Sparta!


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