An unusual voice, original style, bold musical experiments, brightness and originality - all this about the singer Yolka. November 6 at the scene of the club "A2 Green Concert" she will give her big solo concert.

More than ten years of her creative career, she turned from an underground singer into a popular artist who gathers thousands of rooms - her tracks invariably become hits, clips gain millions of views, and albums occupy the top lines of ratings. She is not afraid to experiment creatively, but at the same time she manages to maintain her charisma and identity, which makes Yolka always recognizable. Songs of the Christmas tree are the official soundtracks of many popular films and serials. She never ceases to rejoice with the old hits and gives new ones, which again and again fill the airs of radio stations and occupy the top lines of the charts.

She is loved for charm, for an excellent sense of humor, for a strong and easily recognizable voice and, of course, for the incredible atmosphere of live performances. Elka with special warmth communicates with her audience, as with long-time and ardently beloved friends. In club A2 the singer will act together with the musicians, one of the best in the country. Will perform all your favorite songs "Provence", "I Wish Happiness", "Draw Me Heaven" and many others. Each of her concerts is a gift and a true pleasure for people listening to music with their heart.


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